Tattoo Parlour

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An emporium where permanent tattoos are given
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The recall affects consumers considering a new tattoo as well as tattoo artists and retailers of tattoo inks.
After she gets her business up and running Malia said she would like to hire one more tattoo artist, but it doesn't have to be another woman.
Workplaces are mostly against them, so I had my face tattooed to force myself to become a tattoo artist.
Now a self-employed tattoo artist at The Tattooed Gent on Erdington High Street, Kayleigh's next dream is to cover her entire body in tattoos.
That's all I can do!" Friend and fellow tattoo artist John Treharne, 55, who runs Skin Creation, said: "I've known Doc since I was a young boy - he took over my old man's shop for a while.
PHOTO | AYUB MUIYURO class="MsoNormalHow did you become a well-known tattoo artist? class="MsoNormalAfter college in 2007, I relocated to Mombasa and started selling my paintings around Fort Jesus.
Heart on their sleeves Craig Dickson and tattoo artist Neil Adams
Sandstrm selected and gave the tattoo artist designs featuring names of her two kids Nova and Kevin, The Sun quoted the mother as saying in Blekinge Lns Tidning.
But his latest - and largest - which features a huge Darth Vader performing a 'death grip', was chosen after a chance meeting with a tattoo artist James Creighton, who was looking for a guinea pig to take part in a special 'Star Wars' themed event.
"In Iraq, I was really the only tattoo artist in my area.
Besides being a talented machine tattoo artist, John is also a rapper and will be taking to the music stage himself for evening sets.