Isadore Max, 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Tarlov cyst.
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Willamette Valley legend Mark Tarlov takes the markups tied to middlemen (retailers, distributors) out of the picture to sell wines directly to consumers at a lower price.
While walking the red carpet at the May 7 show, "Awkward" star Molly Tarlov told International Business Times that she was "mad" about the change this year because it came too late for her former show to be honored.
KEY WORDS: chiropractic, perineural cyst, Tarlov cyst, sciatica
1997; Pope and Tarlov 1991), disability becomes increasingly prevalent with advancing age, from ~10% among 65- to 74-year-olds in the United States to > 50% of those > 85 years old (Manton et al.
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It is possible that some measures used in the present study lacked sufficient sensitivity to change or that they documented generally well-known facts or favourable attitudes of youth, as indicated by the relatively good baseline results we observed despite minimal ceiling effects (less than 15% lowest or highest scores) (McHorney & Tarlov, 1995).
The importance of managing secondary disabilities and chronic conditions was initially introduced by IOM in 1991 (Pope & Tarlov, 1991) giving recognition to their direct or indirect relationship with primary disabilities that are preventable in nature (e.
Previous studies attributed these differences to biological factors and biases in the provision of care according to gender (Mustard, Kuafert, & Kozyrskyj, 1998) or to potential differences in clinicians' attitudes toward female patients (Safran, Rogers, Tarlov, McHorney, & Ware, 1997).
Juliana Uruburu of The Pasta Shop, Richard Tarlov of Canyon Market and Sam Mogannam of Bi-Rite Market.
John Elzufon, managing director of the Delaware-based law firm Elzufon Austin Tarlov & Mondell PA, said CPAs should not view a bill solely as an invoice for services performed.
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