Isadore Max, 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Tarlov cyst.
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It is possible that some measures used in the present study lacked sufficient sensitivity to change or that they documented generally well-known facts or favourable attitudes of youth, as indicated by the relatively good baseline results we observed despite minimal ceiling effects (less than 15% lowest or highest scores) (McHorney & Tarlov, 1995).
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Old Bridge Cellars (OBC) is proud to announce the expansion of its Oregon portfolio with Chapter 24 Vineyards, a joint venture between Evening Land founder, Mark Tarlov, and Burgundian winemaker, Louis-Michel Liger-Belair of Vosne-Romanee.
The importance of managing secondary disabilities and chronic conditions was initially introduced by IOM in 1991 (Pope & Tarlov, 1991) giving recognition to their direct or indirect relationship with primary disabilities that are preventable in nature (e.
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John Elzufon, managing director of the Delaware-based law firm Elzufon Austin Tarlov & Mondell PA, said CPAs should not view a bill solely as an invoice for services performed.
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The population of interest, that which is affected by welfare reform legislation, is all women at risk of being on public assistance and not just current or former program participants (Kaestner and Tarlov 2006).
In the assessment of the level of satisfaction, we find even more evaluations centred on factors which are not only based on clinical results (Leddy, Wolosin, & Robert, 2005; Limonero, Tomas-Sabado, Fernandez-Castro, Gomez-Romero, & Ardilla-Herrero, 2012; Stahl, 2010; Tarlov, 1996), for example, the patient's opinion and other qualitative elements concerning how they are being treated (Blanco, Sanchez, Chinchilla, Cobrero, & Mediavilla, 2010).
Researchers have studied the health outcomes of African immigrants, Caribbean immigrants, and European born Black immigrants, and compared their health outcomes to African Americans and White Americans (Read, Emerson & Tarlov, 2005).
In another study, Elizabeth Tarlov and I examine the effect of welfare reform on the health behaviors and health of low-educated women.
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