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Pierre, French anatomist, 1725-1761. See: Tarin space, Tarin tenia, Tarin valve, valvula semilunaris tarini, velum tarini.
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I spoke to many PTI supporters from the affected area, who appeared upset over the fact that the Tarin Family had raised barriers between themselves and the electorate at grass root level.
Tarin told Dawn that he could consider helping out in some capacity, but not as a finance minister or as an adviser.
La muerte del diputado federal Carlos Gerardo Hermosillo Arteaga, ocurrida el 20 de marzo ultimo, desencadeno una crisis politica en la Camara de Diputados: el suplente de este legislador, Antonio Enrique Tarin Garcia, se agazapo durante 28 horas en el recinto legislativo para evitar ser capturado y que se le juzgue por peculado cometido contra el gobierno de Chihuahua.
our Afghan partners in Tarin Kot on 18 September,' NATO spokesman Charles Cleveland said in a statement.
The fire spread to engulf people related to the Kakar living in Nawabad, Herat City, and Tarin in Karukh district, 45 kms east of the provincial capital.
Hurley said members of the patrol provided immediate first aid to casualties, who were then flown to Tarin Kot.
The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the NATO-led force in Afghanistan, has decided to shut the base in Tarin Kot in Uruzgan province and this meant an end to Australia's main mission.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Most of the Australian troops in Afghanistan will be home by the end of the year when the international military base at Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan province closes, Australian defense ministry said on Tuesday.
TARIN KOWT, Aghanistan (TAP) - Afghan police say six children and one man were killed when a bomb hidden inside a garbage can exploded in southern Afghanistan on Friday.
Birkenhead-based Tarin Engineering stands to lose the money after Mayfield Construction, the contractor who developed the site, was plunged into administration.
Administrators Ernst & Young confirmed that Tarin was listed as a creditor.
Erica Tarin said Moore's 56-year-old doctor husband Robert Levine was at her bedside.