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Pierre, French anatomist, 1725-1761. See: Tarin space, Tarin tenia, Tarin valve, valvula semilunaris tarini, velum tarini.
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Tarin said government and the opposition must evolve consensus over increasing state's revenues, education, health, strengthening institutions, independent and strong planning commission and independence to the bureaucracy.
Tareen was ordered to pay PS12,257 within three months or face eight months' imprisonment, while killer Tarin was ordered to pay PS1,614 within 28 days or face one day's imprisonment.
| Killer Janbaz Tarin, victims Raneem Oudeh and her mum, Khaola Oudeh, and the moment Tarin was caught
On the night of the murders, Tarin had confronted mum and daughter at the Rotana Shisha Lounge in Birmingham's Highgate, slapping them both across the face.
JAIL Janbaz After the restraining order was served on him Tarin began stalking Raneem, once sleeping outside her home in his car for 12 nights.
She says she is worried that if she stays, Tarin will hurt her.
Tarin, of Evelyn Road in Sparkhill, Birmingham, had armed himself with a knife after a public row with Ms Oudeh, who was his wife under Islamic law.
While elaborating that the plan could be further extended to other sections of the society, Tarin said the housing project will not be affected by the IMF bailout.
Ms Oudeh had a twoyear-old child - though Tarin is not the father - and her mother had six children.
Janbaz Tarin, 21, is accused of fatally stabbing Raneem Oudeh, 22, and Khaola Saleem, 49.