Target Validation

A term of art referring to the decision of which potential drug treatment, of a myriad of potential molecular targets, should be placed in the costly drug discovery pipeline and further developed
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The service portfolio includes a full range of vaccine design for client's specific requirements that covers vaccine target validation, vaccines targeting bacterial, viral, fungal, parasites, cancer markers and more.
Oryzon has a strong technological platform for biomarker identification and performs biomarker and target validation for a variety of malignant and neurodegenerative diseases.
A: Better target validation and more tractable hits are both important, but the problem is multi-factorial.
The process of drug discovery outsourcing involves target identification, target validation, high-speed screening, and lead optimization.
The conference topics would include Protein/enzyme systems targeted for therapeutics interventions, Chemical biology in drug discovery: visualizing biological processes, Current research in medicinal chemistry, Structure and fragment-based drug design, Target discovery and validation, Natural products drug discovery, Drug-receptor interaction and Case studies: from target validation to novel drugs.
Scientists from Vertex and Genomics will work closely together to incorporate their deep understanding of human genetics into research and development related to target discovery and target validation in certain diseases.
In this capacity, as an expansion of Dr Buiakova's current role, she will be responsible for managing the entire integrated Genesis Drug Discovery & Development range of drug discovery services from target validation and assay development to identification of clinical candidates.
With over a decade of experience in delivering a range of discovery and preclinical services to support drug development, target validation and biomarker analysis, vivoPharm has supported over 200 IND submissions for innovative therapies, with a significant focus on immuno-oncology.
Nevertheless, target validation is not a one-step experiment, but an ongoing part of a strategy program, which begins with target identification and is not complete until the definitive clinical study (21).
Based on its patented organoid technology, IMBA is developing different disease models for neuronal disorders for use in customized drug-screening and/or target validation applications.