Target Validation

A term of art referring to the decision of which potential drug treatment, of a myriad of potential molecular targets, should be placed in the costly drug discovery pipeline and further developed
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Its plate-based pharmacology & screening capability and AGMTM based target validation are industry leading platforms with great reputation.
The IEE said that content is especially relevant for those professionals involved in disease mechanisms, pharmaceutical drug discovery and drug target validation.
Archemix Corporation (Cambridge, MA), a company focused on discovering and developing aptamer-based therapeutics, announced a funded target validation collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica N.
Apart from the former Kimeragen's promising human therapy and agri-biotech programs, the merger combined the chimeraplast-based in vivo target validation system with ValiGene's technologies for genetic analysis of phenotypes, high-throughput genotyping and pathway mapping.
Carlsbad, CA) announced that its GeneTrove division has entered into a target validation agreement with Pfizer, Inc (New York, NY).