Tardieu scale

Tar·dieu scale

(tahr-dyu skāl)
Clinical measure of muscle spasticity at various speeds of passive stretch.
See: Ashworth Scale
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It is necessary to establish the cause, the degree and distrubution of spasticity; localization of injury; comorbidity (contractures, cognitive decline ...); clinical course of the disease; cognitive status of the patient; potential adverse effects; support of the family and community; passive mobility, presence of clonus, reflexes, tonus estimation and active mobility; electromyoneurography; quantitative analysis of walking; spasticity estimation using the Ashworth scale, spasm scale, Wartenberg pendulum test, and Tardieu scale [5, 6].
Spasticity was measured with the Modified Tardieu Scale (MTS) (Boyd and Graham 1999).
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The Tardieu scale is another clinical measure of spasticity that compares how spastic muscles "catch" at low, medium, and high velocities [14].
Evaluations of joint stiffness and the Tardieu scale using the MSE can help us characterize spasticity and contracture quantitatively at controlled velocities in a clinical setting.
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These appendices also include copies of tools to assess outcome such as the Modified Ashworth and the Tardieu scales, the effect on function (eg, Leeds Arm Spasticity Impact Scale, Arm activity measure), and the goal attainment scale.