A. A., French pathologist, 1818-1879. See: Tardieu ecchymoses, Tardieu petechiae, Tardieu spots.
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wagamama's menu includes hot and nourishing ramen bowls (Japan), super-tasty teppanyaki stir-fry noodles, including a classic pad-thai dish (Thailand) and warming donburi bowls of rice and spice which are perfect at any time "Our chefs cook daily in our kitchens with a variety of authentic, lesser-known Asian ingredients ranging from ponzu, a citrus-based sauce used in Japanese cuisine to nuoc cham a mix of lime juice, lemongrass and chilli which can be found on every table in Vietnam," said Philippe Tardieu General Manager Ali Bin Ali Hospitality.
There's also a very strong economic drive for doing renewables now, because costs have come down extremely fast," said WindEurope's Chief Policy Officer Pierre Tardieu.
Tardieu said he was confident that ABA Group's partnership with Artisan du Chocolat "would only strengthen and grow in the future".
Podemos aqui citar como ejemplo el caso de "Respuestas a problemas de Jean Tardieu" de La nueva novela con respecto a "Pequenos problemas y trabajos practicos" de Un mot pour un autre de Jean Tardieu, que durante muchos anos se leyo al margen de la obra del escritor frances y que, a medida que se lo ha ido vinculando con su real hipotexto, ha dado lugar a lecturas mas complejas y explicitas (15).
Esta era la representacion que se tenia de los cimarrones; el historiador Pierre Tardieu (19), que ha estudiado la historia del "negro" en la Real Audiencia de Quito, denomina a este suceso de Esmeraldas como la "tirania de los negros y mulatos".
This was done because leaf growth has often been studied during the linear phase of elongation, which provides an easy system for analysis of the responses of leaf growth to environmental conditions (Passioura and Gardner, 1990; Salah and Tardieu, 1997).
We've been out here the past six months flying Pacific power projection sorties, so all over the Pacific area of responsibility doing assurance deterrence missions," Tardieu said.
Personajes reales: Jean Tardieu, Hitler, Napoleon, Tania Savich, Alicia Liddell, Ana Pavlova, Beethoven, Yoko Ono, Isabel Holger / Luis Martinez Villablanca; Gauss, Lobatchewsky, Miguel Serrano, Pablo Neruda, Gilles Dele uze, Francis Picabia, etc.
Indeed, Tardieu [36] defined the tolerance as the ability to minimize yield loss under stress.
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