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Water that is drawn without distillation directly from the spigot which comes either from a well or a public water supply
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Aiming at study of morphological changes in organisms of the animals which consumed drinking water "Aquaminerale", tapwater with high content of ions of ferrum, magnesium, calcium and fluorine and hypertonic solution of chloride of sodium we used pieces of a kidney with the size of 10X10 mm.
Salinity was induced through application of 2 L salt solution and 2 L tapwater in appropriate plants when randomly deployed three moisture meter (Hadeco, New Delhi, India) readings averaged 2 units.
I trust he will be taking kids to Japan to demonstrate his comfort with a little radiation to publicly drink the tapwater in Tokyo, and partake of some delicious Japanese salads from local produce.
Traces of radioactive iodine have also been found in tapwater in Tokyo and five other prefectures, officials said on Saturday.
All snails were maintained in dechlorinated tapwater (i.e., pond water) at 18-24 [degrees]C and fed lettuce.
How thirsty humans react to water sources that vary in palatability has not been investigated, although it is known that thirst increases positive hedonic evaluations of room-temperature tapwater (Rolls et al., 1980).
He was too busy wiping his hands dry on his jeans (let's hope it was just tapwater) to notice Rihanna a few feet away.
between his teeth singing Sweet Tapwater or if her name (she is
And, of course, the water companies provide our tapwater from reservoirs that do precisely that.
After the exposure to the corrosion environment, the specimens werewashed with tapwater then brushed by smooth plastic brush under running tap water to remove part of the corrosion products that is not strongly adherent on the specimen surface.
CONTACTS: Food & Water Watch, www.foodandwaterwatch.org; Natural Resources Defense Council, "Turning Oceans into Tapwater," www.nrdc.org/onearth/04sum/saline1.asp.
Top up any vodka taken from the mini bar with tapwater from the bathroom.