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(1) A religious, philosophical and magical movement in Hinduism
(2) A yogic method of healing through sexual activity
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bar]tanjalayoga because the auxiliaries are often defined differently, in many cases using terminology from tantric Yoga (for examples, see n.
In Karl's episode there is a festival in the village and with Dan trying out tantric yoga, a few laughs are guaranteed
Practitioners of Tantric yoga have mastered some impressive physiological functions.
Tantric Yoga breaks into the left hand and right hand paths.
In Tantric yoga, it is believed that all power lies in the spinal column; anyone who taps this power makes contact with the godhead and can perform extraordinary acts.
And - now we're getting into Trudie (Styler) and Sting territory - you gotta have lots of tantric yoga sex.
He says it's Tantric yoga that keeps him going during long gruelling tours .
The visual imagination is central to Tibetan culture: the center of Tibetan tantric yoga is a complex series of visualization exercises, and the third of the three bodies of a Buddha includes the Artistic Emanation.
Seventy-eight percent of users think the best way to "green" a relationship is to shower together, while 16 percent say it's taking a tantric yoga class and 6 percent think it's a make-out session on the bus.