Tantric Sex

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(1) A philosophical ‘strand’ of tantra yoga, in which worship services take the form of a sexual ritual featuring slow, non-orgasmic intercourse as a prelude to an experience of the divine
(2) A popularisation of spiritual-sexual technique derived from Indian tantra yoga and linked to the sexual revolution in cultural mores of the late 1960s and 1970s
(3) A term used erroneously for Western religious or spiritual practices in which slow, mindful sexual union—or masturbation—creates a path to the experience of spiritual ecstasy
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At times reminiscent of Larry Gonick's Cartoon Guide series, the book includes humorous but informational guides, baseball analogies as they pertain to sexual behavior, references to the Kama Sutra and tantric sex, and a fascinating analysis of the ways that the plots of romance novels have changed with the times and culture.
Sting spoke about tantric sex during the interview - and since then he has been unable to live down the idea that he and Trudie enjoy hours and hours of passion.
The same session will cover kissing techniques and basic Tantric sex to promote closeness between a couple.
This was a time before Sting's much-publicised flirtation with rain forest issues, before he left in exile for Tuscany, before 'tantric sex', and before he amassed his vaunted PS190m fortune, all of which took him far away from his Tyneside roots.
Ipema performs each character in key scenes from all six seasons of SATC including those featuring the naked dress, the tantric sex demonstration, the post-it note, and the one with the line "he's just not that into you."
Barney the Purple Dinosaur actor David Joyner became a tantric sex therapist.
Jane reveals that she was in fact the woman he was talking about in his tantric sex article, despite her friends implying that Ryan must be seeing other people.
I would rather trust a bank manager with my money who came up through the ranks of bank clerks than one who'd practised as a tantric sex therapist instead.
Jim is concerned by his lack of sexual experience, and goes in search of an old flame, Oz struggles to keep a long-term relationship going, and Finch tries to master the art of tantric sex. Comedy sequel, starring Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Seann William Scott.
He says he attained " enlightenment" in a forest and that ' tantra' is not about tantric sex but realising the self.
It's a bit like tantric sex – the concept is fine but after a few hours, I'd be thinking about the ironing.