Tantric Sex

(1) A philosophical ‘strand’ of tantra yoga, in which worship services take the form of a sexual ritual featuring slow, non-orgasmic intercourse as a prelude to an experience of the divine
(2) A popularisation of spiritual-sexual technique derived from Indian tantra yoga and linked to the sexual revolution in cultural mores of the late 1960s and 1970s
(3) A term used erroneously for Western religious or spiritual practices in which slow, mindful sexual union—or masturbation—creates a path to the experience of spiritual ecstasy
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Barney the Purple Dinosaur actor David Joyner became a tantric sex therapist.
Jane reveals that she was in fact the woman he was talking about in his tantric sex article, despite her friends implying that Ryan must be seeing other people.
Enlighten Your Life" reveals: How to progress along your path of enlightenment; How to start exercising and get a good healthy diet; That you are 31/2 billion years old and counting; How to program yourselves and reinforce positive activities; How to gradually distance yourselves from the madding crowd; How to have Tantric sex with orgasms lasting for hours; How to reduce negative energies in your life and free yourselves from any negative history; and so much more
I would rather trust a bank manager with my money who came up through the ranks of bank clerks than one who'd practised as a tantric sex therapist instead.
Jim is concerned by his lack of sexual experience, and goes in search of an old flame, Oz struggles to keep a long-term relationship going, and Finch tries to master the art of tantric sex.
He says he attained " enlightenment" in a forest and that ' tantra' is not about tantric sex but realising the self.
Sting later dismissed his comments about tantric sex as a drunken joke.
It's a bit like tantric sex – the concept is fine but after a few hours, I'd be thinking about the ironing.
The sheer volume of information, an occasional swear word, and a few mature references, such as the magical tantric sex classes, make this a good choice for older teens looking for engaging, epic fantasy.
A granny asked for tips on tantric sex to keep things exciting over the age of 60.
There's also tantric sex teachers Kavida and Roland; Chris and Norma, who have a 32-year age gap between them; and Louella and her partner, who tolerates her having a lover.
For the 10 years after that, I decided that he was actually an insufferably pretentious numbnuts who banged on far too much about tantric sex and the rainforests.