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(1) A religious, philosophical and magical movement in Hinduism
(2) A yogic method of healing through sexual activity
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and again, "The development in tantra made by the Buddhist and the extraordinary plastic art they developed, did not fail to create an impression also on the minds of the Hindu, who readily incorporated many ideas, doctrines, practices and gods, originally conceived by the Buddhists for their religion.
The first three chapters of Introduction to Tantra review content with which my class was comfortably familiar and emphasize aspects of tantric Buddhism that are well-suited to today's undergraduate students.
As I attempt now to paint in broad strokes how Tantra probably came about and the many forms it has taken since, I imagine Nandini's eyes .
Tantra was a conscious approach to self-discovery which directed the seeker to prepare mind and body to the level where it could withstand any turbulence, both inner as well as outer.
The terms yoga and tantra in these environments are clearly products of an elite intellectual milieu, made up of literate pandita communities, most likely in north and northwestern South Asia, that is, the Gangetic plain region (in and around present-day Varanasi) and the Gandhara, Kashmir, and Punjab regions, in the early centuries of the Common Era.
He also made use of this sutra in a wide range of subjects for his referencial sources for the elucidation of Buddhist tantra, in his three works of rGud sde spyi'i rnam bzhag.
Those who bring a more extensive knowledge of Tantra to their reading will doubtlessly benefit even more.
Gareth Brown, general manager of Tantra, said: 'The calibre of DJs was very high and they all worked very hard on their sets.
Orgasm is only one aspect of sex and Tantra emphasises the practise of erotic sensuality and the union of male and female energy fields to create the ultimate powerful sexual ecstasy.
The Tantra Club said: 'It was delivered here unawares to the club.
While in its common usage Tantra refers to the practices of sadhana (esoteric ritual and yogic meditation) explicated in a body of scriptures classified as Tantra sastras, Sarkar's definition of Tantra and way of identifying Tantra in the Indian episteme invokes both ideology and interpretive narrative.
But two years ago she was introduced to the ancient art of Tantra which has not only improved her sex life but given her a self-confidence she never believed she had.