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(1) A religious, philosophical and magical movement in Hinduism
(2) A yogic method of healing through sexual activity
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The first three chapters of Introduction to Tantra review content with which my class was comfortably familiar and emphasize aspects of tantric Buddhism that are well-suited to today's undergraduate students.
This prodigious work of scholarship, two decades in the making, is an essential contribution to the study of Hindu tantra, and specifically to the cult of the goddess Kubjika, of which the Manth[a.
However soft and charming Nandini seemed in every regard, we soon discovered she would adamantly refuse to accept papers on only one topic -- Tantra.
Over 300 people attended Tantra Nights, enjoying the continuous musical mix and shaking a leg to the hit beats.
The Tantra bar is a sex-themed nightclub which is popular with Midland footballers.
Lisa is a professional Tantra educator and sacred sexuality coach, especially focused on professional women.
Like yoga, Tantra originated in India centuries ago.
The subjects of the books will include alchemy, tarot, sovereign geometry, magic, butterflies, serpents, self-portraits, tantra, sea and insects.
But the relationship looked frosty again last weekend at Jade's 25th birthday bash at London nightclub Tantra.
Lee Jewitt, 31, had been with a friend in Westgate Street, Cardiff, when they went into Club Tantra, which was closed at the time.
The singer and the Welsh rugby international left Cardiff's Tantra club separately.
All that - plus prolonged foreplay and multiple orgasms (men as well as women) - makes learning tantra an attractive proposition.