Sunless Tanning Cream

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A lotion or cream containing Larrea divaricata or other vegetable extract, which regulates the skin's shedding process and enhances one normal skin colour, providing a sun-bronzed appearance in as little as 30 minutes without the requisite sun time. Sunless tanning creams provide no UV protection
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Basically, after showering with your usual gel or soap, turn off the water, then apply the tanning cream evenly all over your body.
Found guilty of, jointly with another, stealing tanning cream, worth PS110.
I have a collection of eight products to give one lucky reader, including the Tanning Cream and Instant Tan Matte.
Institut Esthederm sun sheen intense self-tanning face cream, PS26 Fancy packaging and a really nice product, this is a high-end facial tanning cream.
Kardashian is one of the highest-paid reality stars on US television, with 2010 earnings estimated at $6 million from her TV show, clothing line, perfume, jewellery and tanning cream and other product endorsements and appearances.
George maintains his famous bronzed look in three ways - his own range of tanning cream, sunbathing every chance he gets and popping to the sunbed salon.
Expect a welcome massage to relax, a full face and body exfoliation, a warm wrap, a shower and an application of the tanning cream.
THE PROCESS: First a foot massage to relax you, next exfoliator all over, a quick rinse then the dark brown tanning cream is applied.
The expensive- looking bag contains three tubes, a gel-likeprimer,a gentle exfoliant, the tanning cream and the excelerator to prolong the effect.
Murf, Barbwire and The Crusher all got wild on a big-ass rail on campus while me, Ratt, and Lee Dawg rubbed on some tanning cream and worked out a few dance routines for the clubs.
s Banana Boat is one of the more recent players to get into the sunless tanning segment with the launch last year of a sunless tanning cream with a self-adjusting color formula that lets the user control the shade of his or her tan by reapplying the cream.
New Banana Boat sunless tanning cream with color indicator is designed to eliminate streaking and create a more natural look.