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A popular term for a rare condition with features of a psychological addiction disorder, which is characterised by a ‘compulsive’ drive to spend large amounts of time tanning under the sun or in a tanning bed, due in part to self-perception that one is too pale
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7% of users show symptoms of indoor tanning addiction.
7% screened positive for symptoms of a potential indoor tanning addiction.
The first is a new way of measuring symptoms of tanning addiction in a large population group.
Tanning addiction and psychopathology: Further evaluation of anxiety disorders and substance abuse.
Stapleton of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, said tools for assessing tanning addiction had been developed by adapting existing substance addiction screening tools.
DOCTORS were forced to remove part of a Merseyside sun worshipper's skull after her tanning addiction led to two strikes of potentially deadly skin cancer.
Among the overarching conclusions that emerged was agreement that there is an urgent need to clarify conflicting messages about the field and to increase educational efforts targeting tanning addiction.
Participants agreed an urgent need exists to clarify conflicting messages for Americans surrounding sun care, to increase education efforts around tanning addiction and empower consumers to take control of their skin health.
3 percent) met criteria for tanning addiction on one measure and 70 (30.
But Mr Sheridan said he would not kick his tanning addiction and added: "If you want to know why so many of us use sunbeds, look out of your window.
PEOPLE who cannot stop lounging in the sun or using sunbeds, despite knowing the risks of skin cancer, may be suffering from tanning addiction, experts warned last night.
People who cannot stop lounging in the sun or using sunbeds - despite knowing the risks of skin cancer - may be suffering from tanning addiction.