Tanner stage

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Tan·ner stage

a stage of puberty in the Tanner growth chart, based on pubic hair growth, development of genitalia in boys, and breast development in girls.
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Tan·ner stage

(tan'ĕr stāj)
A development level of puberty in the Tanner growth chart, based on pubic hair growth, development of genitalia in boys, and breast development in girls.
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James, English pediatrician.
Tanner developmental scale - Synonym(s): Tanner growth chart
Tanner growth chart - a series of charts showing distribution of parameters of physical development for children by sex, age, and stages of puberty. Synonym(s): Tanner developmental scale
Tanner stage - stage of puberty on the Tanner growth chart.
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When we analyzed the specific puberty milestones individually, we attempted to capture potential programming effects of specific features of pubertal development, such as the association between prenatal PFOS exposure and Tanner stages of breast development, but not the remaining markers.
Most studies that have investigated bone mineral parameters at different skeletal regions using DXA in RG (Maimoun et al., 2013a; 2013b; Vicente-Rodriguez et al., 2007; Vosoberg et al., 2016) and AG (Dowthwaite et al., 2006; 2011; Erlandson et al., 2012a; Greene et al., 2012; Lehtonen-Veromaa et al., 2000a; Maimoun et al., 2011; 2013a; Pikkarinen et al., 2009; Vicente-Rodriguez et al., 2007) have been performed in peri-pubertal girls with different maturation levels, where studied groups have been composed of gymnasts ranging from Tanner stages I-V.
Differences in the clinical measurements among the different Tanner stages were evaluated using Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) on ranks coupled with Dunn's method as a multiple comparison procedure.
As per Table No.4, we found very strong correlation and statistically highly significant p-value (p < 0.001) between Reference age for Tanner stages of pubic hair taken from the UNICEF Manual for Medical Officer (2005), [7] Physical-Dental age, Radiological age and Final age, which shows that Tanner staging of pubic hairs is a good parameter for estimation of age between 10 to 16 years for both males and females.
Children with IR were primarily girls (P = 0.035); in addition, significantly more preterm birth and higher Tanner stages were observed in the IR group (Tables 1 and 2).
Although our study showed that E2 levels were not significantly different in normal-weight children and obese children in all Tanner stages, lower LH response to GnRH stimulation tests may partly reflect a negative feedback effect by estrogen.
Styne reviewed the Tanner stages of puberty for girls' breast and pubic hair development and boys' genital and pubic hair development, noting that the classic lower ages of pubertal onset are age 8 years in girls and 9 years in boys.
The seven boys who started out at Tanner stages 1-3 were on the drug for an average of 2.7 years; their Bayley-Pinneau predicted adult height (PAH) fell from 66.9 inches to 66.5 inches.
measured IR using the euglycemic insulin clamp in children at all Tanner stages. At all Tanner stages, girls were more insulin resistant compared to boys.
Reference intervals also were significantly different according to Tanner stage, with serum testosterone in boys reaching adult concentrations by Tanner stages IV-V.
Sexual maturity rating (SMR) or Tanner stages are used to describe breast development.
A code provides online access to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts, Tanner Stages of Sexual Development, Recommended Dietary Allowances and Dietary Reference Intakes, and conversion tables.