Tanner stage

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Tan·ner stage

a stage of puberty in the Tanner growth chart, based on pubic hair growth, development of genitalia in boys, and breast development in girls.

Tan·ner stage

(tan'ĕr stāj)
A development level of puberty in the Tanner growth chart, based on pubic hair growth, development of genitalia in boys, and breast development in girls.


James, English pediatrician.
Tanner developmental scale - Synonym(s): Tanner growth chart
Tanner growth chart - a series of charts showing distribution of parameters of physical development for children by sex, age, and stages of puberty. Synonym(s): Tanner developmental scale
Tanner stage - stage of puberty on the Tanner growth chart.
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She had minimal axillary hair, Tanner stage 2 breast development and Tanner stage 2 pubic hair development.
Pubertal assessments were also performed by visual inspection using established Tanner stage criteria for genitalia and pubic hair on a scale of 1 (immature) to 5 (mature) (Tanner and Whitehouse 1976).
On physical examination, the patient was phenotypically female, height 178 cm, weight 72 kg, with normal secondary sexual characteristics (pubic and axillary hair present, breast development Tanner stage IV).
Tanner staging is the 5-stage standard clinical system for describing normal pubertal development developed by Marshall and Tanner (13, 14), with Tanner stage I being prepubertal and Tanner stage V being adult.
85 years in the nonstimulant group, and mean onset of pubic hair Tanner stage 2 in the stimulant group was 11.
This six-month, Phase II, multinational, open-label investigation of the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics (PK), and efficacy of ENB-0040 treatment enrolled 13 children (ages 5-12 years, Tanner Stage less than or equal to 2) with rickets and gross motor deficits from HPP.
Tanner stage I breast development, absent axillary and absent pubic hair and external genitalia were the infantile female characteristics.
The current study attempts to elucidate the relationship between flexibility and laxity in relation to other factors, including gender, Tanner stage, and anthropometric measures.
According to the guidelines, treatment should not begin before Tanner stage 2 or 3: when female breasts have begun to bud, and boys have experienced a slight enlargement of the penis and scrotum.
Less glucose is required to maintain euglycemia during an euglycemic insulin-clamp in normal (diabetes free) pubertal children in Tanner stage II to IV, as compared to normal prepubertal children in Tanner stage I and adults, despite similar insulin levels in all age groups.
In replacing estrogen in these Tanner stage 1 patients, do so physiologically using 0.
Tanner staging for maturity level revealed that the experimental group consisted of 13 subjects at Tanner stage 1 and 2 subjects at Tanner stage 2, while the control group had 8 subjects at Tanner stage 1 and I subject at Tanner stage 9.