Tanner, James


James, English pediatrician.
Tanner developmental scale - Synonym(s): Tanner growth chart
Tanner growth chart - a series of charts showing distribution of parameters of physical development for children by sex, age, and stages of puberty. Synonym(s): Tanner developmental scale
Tanner stage - stage of puberty on the Tanner growth chart.
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Lewis Jones, Sloan Tanner, James Stevens and Lewis Evans all notched for them whilst at the other end, Thomas Clayton bagged four, Scott Holmes two, and individual strikes from Adam Peters and Mikey McDonnell gave them a their victory.
Rosyth include new signings Mark Tanner, James Whitelaw and Calum Douglas along with fit- again Martin Rennie, Alan Aitken and Grant Brough for their Peddie Smith Maloco Cup tie at Kirkcaldy.