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A sensual type of dance and music that originated in Montevideo and Buenos Aires (Rio de la Plata) which has spread to the rest of the world
Health benefits Effects of dancing with a partner—increased testosterone; with music—decreased cortisol (ergo decreased stress)
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to the beginning of the 20th century and the birth of tango in Rio de la Plata in Argentina and Uruguay.
Argentina and Uruguay have been exporting their talent to the world from the early 1900's making tango universally known in all continents.
With Argentine tango having its own specific dance language and being very strongly rooted in the country's cultural tradition, Nelida wondered how the project would progress.
Banking executive by day, ardent tango aficionado at all other times, Kumar has been single-handedly putting together the event which drew 135 participants in the debut edition, 160 in the second, and more than 250 in the third, previous, edition.
First, I learned tango in Lebanon with local and international teachers, then I started travelling abroad to get the chance to learn from highly professional teachers and to dance with people from different nationalities as well," Haddad added.
What is the current situation with tango around the world?
Tourists that want to learn to dance and dress as true tangueros can do just that at Tango Brujo, where they'll find a wide variety of tango clothes and shoes as well as materials such as books, videos and the music itself.
He and his wife, Olga Volchkova, a classically trained painter, took lessons from local tango instructor Greg Estes at the University of Oregon.
Just 10 years ago classes were few and far between in Mexico; the only tango taught in dance schools was choreography and there were no milongas, or places to enjoy social tango dancing.
if the mood takes you and you want to be a Tango winner, gather up your cans and bottles and read on, because we're going to tell you how.