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A sensual type of dance and music that originated in Montevideo and Buenos Aires (Rio de la Plata) which has spread to the rest of the world
Health benefits Effects of dancing with a partner—increased testosterone; with music—decreased cortisol (ergo decreased stress)
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What is now known as Argentine Tango -- as a music with lyrics and partnered dance -- emerged later that century in the working class port areas between Argentina and Uruguay as a fusion of genres carried there by sailors and immigrants.
Ben has been committed to tango music ever since, spending years in Argentina studying with masters of the living tradition.
Bassan described tango as 'the dance of the heart.'
Early Saturday afternoon, 25 couples will cross Jbeil's old town in a "tango parade," during which bars will play tango music to celebrate.
We have music both classical tango orchestras, and modern, and sometimes altogether alternative, processed in the style of tango.
As singers, actors, and composers, Schipa and Gardel expressed the commonalities between opera and tango in a voice technique based on recitar cantando, a form of recited singing similar to that characteristic of the dramas of ancient Greece.
The story, written by the executive director of the company, unfolds through a character called "Tango" who travels through different times and situations.
Despite launching back in 2014, Google's Project Tango never reallty got the traction, because of its requirement of high-end equipment.
Rudolph Valentino danced the tango in Hollywood and thousands of flappers went into ecstasy when his image beckoned to them from the silver screen.
Nelida Rodriguez de Aure is among the royalty of Argentine tango. With a career spanning more than 40 years, she has taught tango's sultry steps to Hollywood stars, danced onstage on Broadway, toured the globe with productions and featured in television and films.