Tangier Island

Tangier Island,

an island in the Chesapeake Bay where the first patient was diagnosed.
Tangier disease - Synonym(s): analphalipoproteinemia
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1306 is a Rural Local Road in Accomack County serving residents on Tangier Island.
The title story, for example, is about Tangier Island, just off the coast there, not the famous Moroccan city; and the curious characters do not include Washington or Jefferson.
Once considered a quiet, quaint stop on the way to neighboring Tangier Island, Crisfield has experienced an increase in development and tourism, of late, fueled by the growing number of Northerners opting for retirement on the Eastern Shore versus the far-flung beaches of Florida.
Of these areas, we visited two: Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay, VA.
It's located halfway between Baltimore, Maryland, and Norfolk, Virginia, and offers immediate access to Tangier Island and Pocomoke Sound.
Affected families have been identified on Tangier Island, Va.
But the constant cursing in the script left the townsfolk of Tangier Island in Virginia fuming.
Residents on Tangier Island in Virginia and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts have both rejected the production.
Officials on Tangier Island, Virginia, turned down the producers because they did not like the sex and drinking in the script.
Still another shows a tiny community on isolated Tangier Island, Virginia.
Fire Island in New York, Bald Head Island in North Carolina, and Virginia's Tangier Island all opt for leaving cars in the garage as well Go Where Few Have Gone Before * While Washington tussles over whether to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, go ahead and experience it now.
Hollywood will have to tone it down if it wants to film on tiny Tangier Island, in Chesapeake Bay.