Tamm-Horsfall protein

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Tamm-Hors·fall mu·co·pro·tein

(tam hōrs'fahl),
the matrix of urinary casts derived from the secretion of renal tubular cells.
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Tamm-Horsfall protein

An older term, still in wide use, for what is now better known as uromodulin, which is encoded by UMOD on cytogenetic band 16p12.3.
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Frank L., Jr., U.S. physician, 1906-1971.
Tamm-Horsfall mucoprotein - see under Tamm
Tamm-Horsfall protein


Igor, U.S. virologist, 1922-1971.
Tamm-Horsfall mucoprotein - the matrix of urinary casts derived from the secretion of renal tubular cells.
Tamm-Horsfall protein
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The multiple functions of Tamm-Horsfall protein in human health and disease: a mystery clears up.
As shown in Figure 1 for all the samples under investigation, the main protein present in the UEVs is Tamm-Horsfall Protein (THP).
Most cases are associated with marked pyelocaliceal inflammation, tissue necrosis, Tamm-Horsfall protein accumulation, calcific debris, and stones, suggesting a pathogenetic link.
Purified Tamm-Horsfall protein eluted predominantly in the excluded volume, and the peak had an extended tail, but there was no significant overlap with albumin (analysis not shown).
They are usually in the distal nephron and are formed as a result of interactions of the pathologic light chain and Tamm-Horsfall protein. (26,27) Large casts may also be found in proximal tubules and even in the urinary space, arriving there by retrograde extension.
Tamm-Horsfall protein in patients with kidney damage and diabetes.