Tamarindus indica

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Tamarindus indica,

n See tamarind.
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Glucose tolerance property of methanol extract of Tamarindus indica leaves was determined as per the procedure previously described by Joy and Kuttan (1999) with minor modifications.
2008, Raitri, Sahiwal, Sargodha; 1 immature, Tamarindus indica, 1.
Indigofera hirsuta and Tamarindus indica, a shrub and a tree respectively, are not regarded as a problem.
The tamarind tree, Tamarindus indica, grows in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
This study aimed at evaluation of in vivo antioxidant effects of the methanolic extracts of different parts of Tamarindus indica Linn.
Iron contents in Hibiscus diversifolius, Cleome gynandra, Tamarindus indica, Solanum nigrum and Corchorus olitorius were of greater than 30% (Table 4).