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a. The claw of a bird of prey.
b. The similar claw of a predatory animal.


1. The distolingual cusp of human upper molars.
2. A cusp appearing late in the evolution of the molars.
Synonym(s): talon.
[hypo- + G. kōnos, pine cone]


(tăl′ōn) [L.]
The claw of a bird of prey.

talon noir

Minute black areas on the heels (or less often the toes or hands) caused by repetitive injuries that produce hemorrhage into the skin.
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We are excited about the host of opportunities created by joining Signature Selects growing network of locations around the country, said Talon Air Founder, Adam Katz.
TALONS is part of DARPA s Phase 1 research for Tern, a joint program between DARPA and the U.S.
TALONS is part of DARPAs Phase 1 research for Tern, a joint program between DARPA and the U.S.
The additional cusp on the palatal surface was diagnosed as Type 1 Talon because it extended to more than half the distance from the cementoenamel junction to the incisal edge [1].
"The evidence for Neandertal symbolic behavior continues to mount, and the Krapina talons significantly push back the date of that behavior," he says.
Talon cusp may occur either alone or along with other anomalies like mesiodens, odontome, unerupted or impacted teeth, peg shaped maxillary incisors, dens invaginatus, cleft lip and disordered nasal alae, gemination, fusion and supernumerary teeth.
Shallow developmental grooves were present at the junction of the talon cusp with the palatal surface of the affected tooth without any carious lesions.
The Air Force's last four MC-130E Combat Talon I aircraft, belonging to the Air Force Reserve's 919th Special Operations Wing at Duke Field, Fla., were retired April 25 during a ceremony at the base.
At moments like these, we get a glimpse of the talent that Talons obviously have.
Although the Talon is one of the larger unmanned ground vehicles, the engineer said the soldiers like it.
The company is now integrating the Talon robot and various armament systems under a Small Business Innovative Research contract.
First up to receive the new system will be USSOCOM's MC-130E/H Combat Talon aircraft, to be followed later by the command's other C- 130 variants -- the AC-130H/U Spectre, the EC-130E Commando Solo, and the MC-13OP Combat Shadow.