talk therapy

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talk therapy

Any of various forms of psychotherapy using verbal communication for treating mental and emotional disorders, in contrast to one using drugs, physical exercise, or some other technique.

talk therapist n.

psychological therapy

A generic term for any treatment provided to improve the psychosocial functioning of a person suffering from mental health problems.
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com/journals/langas/article/PIIS2468-1253(16)30206-0/abstract) recent study combined data from 14 trials and 1,196 participants to examine the effects of talk therapy for inflammatory bowel disease.
They can diagnose depression and treat with talk therapy.
HAPPY TALK: Marie Burdess-Baker, front left, and clinical lead Debbie Strachan with the Time to Talk therapy service Picture by MICHELLE MADDISON
For many people, talk therapy offers an excellent vehicle for achieving these goals.
The latter form of one-on-one talk therapy, which is also outlined in a training manual, focuses on helping the patient find ways to resolve conflicts with others, to adjust to new roles in life, and to foster better relationships.
Unless someone is getting to the root of the problem with talk therapy, according to this view, drugs are anesthetics that kill pain and temporarily improve function but allow patients to avoid necessary emotional struggles.
Quittner rightly identifies talk therapy and medication as recovery methods.
A mental health professional can help determine the causes of depression, prescribe a form of treatment such as talk therapy, and, in some cases, medication.
The reviews conclude that neither drug therapy nor talk therapy alone is sufficient.
Now, Basch is learning that treating a patient to the latest psychoactive cocktail, shock therapy, talk therapy, or surgical technique--or trying to force a patient into a certain category--does more harm than good.