Talion Principle

A primitive, unrealistic belief, conforming to the Biblical injunction of an ‘eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ which in psychoanalysis refers to the fear that all injury, actual or intended, will be punished in kind
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89-153), Bauschke argues that the GR differs significantly from the "eye for an eye" talion principle, as it expects empathy with an opponent.
Bauschke summarizes: First, because it is the way we want others to treat and not to treat us; second, because it serves our interest and the interest of others and makes more sense than living by the talion principle of retribution; third, because it furthers thinking and acting in a way appropriate to the age of globalization, in which global crises affect all of us and the consequences of our actions, positive and negative, and will eventually return to us as part of a spherical network.