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William Henry Fox, British scientist and pioneer photographer, 1800-1877. See: Plateau-Talbot law.
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They pressed for a second to kill the game off but on 67 minutes The Talbot skipper Ian Fleming equalised from the penalty spot.
It is possible the piece of street art could be moved in the next few weeks, and the Essex-based Banksy expert has said he hopes to turn Port Talbot into the go-to place for street art, opening an art centre and art school.
The man got out and started to 'remonstrate' with Talbot, who in turn became verbally abusive.
Bilsby will continue as CEO of Talbot until his successor is appointed.
The alleged offences spanned from 1969 to 1984, when Talbot was a biology teacher at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.
Russell Bean, Head of Specialty for Talbot said, "Shawn's experience in global A&H comes at an exciting time for Talbot.
Talbot preyed on boys between 1978 and 1981 on camping weekends at Moffat, Dumfriesshire, and trips on the Caledonian Canal.
Stone Roses singer Ian Brown, 54 - a pupil of Talbot at the time but not a victim - also gave evidence.
Talbot, of Greater Manchester, who once taught at the now-closed Saltwell High School, Gateshead, and Slatyford School, Newcastle, had denied the allegations.
The witness told a jury he "froze" after Talbot, then a teacher at his school, carried out the night time assault during an excursion to the south of Scotland in 1979.
James Talbot was born in Buffalo, New York, on July 22, 1893 to Canadian parents John and Jesse Agnes Talbot.