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William Henry Fox, British scientist and pioneer photographer, 1800-1877. See: Plateau-Talbot law.
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New information about Abu Talb and his activities in Europe was presented by Megrahi's defence team by former CIA agent Robert Baer, who worked extensively in the Middle East during his 20-year career as a field agent and was directly involved in the Lockerbie investigation until 1991.
His report to the commission alleged that both Abu Talb and the PFLP-GC "received substantial payments after the bombing".
Samaselt Karlova matusele oli ka Ardu II luustiku juures Karlova-tuupi kivikirves, lisaks sellele saadi sealt savinou, luutalb, tulekivist talb, luust naaskel ja poor.
Abu Talb has admitted to the court that he was once a member of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, but stated also that he had renounced his former activities and sought asylum in Sweden with his wife and children in 1983.
But a report by forensic investigators for Megrahi's defence team claims Talb sailed unnoticed into London on December 21 with an explosive device.
Currently two Libyan men, Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, are accused of the bombing, but they claim that Abu Talb and his group were responsible.
He claims he told UK police about the payment to Muhammad Abu Talb in 1989 - but heard nothing more from them.
Meanwhile, Mohammed Abu Talb, a Palestinian jailed in Sweden on charges of terrorism who is believed to have links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, is expected to testify soon as a key witness for the prosecution.
But the group has denied any involvement in Lockerbie and one of the main named suspects, Mohammed Abu Talb, gave evidence at Megrahi's trial, offering an alibi.
PALESTI NIAN Abu Talb, whohad a calendar in his flat with thedate of the atrocity - December 21, 1988 - ringed.
The special court in Camp Zeist, the Netherlands postponed hearing evidence from Mohammed Abu Talb, a Palestinian jailed in Sweden for terrorism, 'while the Swedish issue is resolved', reported Reuters.