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Emergency medicine A technique of aggression management in which a patient is physically restrained by bringing him/her to a horizontal position
Surgery Reoperation of a colon with a colostomy to restore normal intestinal continuity by means of an anastomosis after a sigmoidectomy and terminal colostomy for bowel rest
Sports medicine The act of bringing a fighting opponent to the floor via tackle, sweep, Greco-throw, or other technique, typically involving the legs
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Another strong suit of the SR-556 Takedown is its crisp, 2-stage, match-grade trigger and incredibly short lock time.
His first Chili Takedown took place five years ago in Brooklyn with 15 different chilies represented.
We don't want our wrestlers to put themselves into bad positions by risking takedowns that the opponent can easily defense.
The 22 Charger Takedown features an AR-style pistol grip that should be immediately recognizable to anyone with a little time behind the AR-15 platform.
22 Charger pistol's barrel assembly onto a 10/22 Takedown rifle receiver is a felony under the NFA and can lead to substantial criminal penalties.
It was no easy task for "The Surgeon" but she took the fight to the hometown favourite, Daly, and punished her opponent with excellent takedowns and top control to get a 29-28 verdict.
However, Barry is more apt to strike then use his takedown skills.
Abdurahimov threw a leg kick just as Oliveira dove in for a takedown attempt which the Russian quickly stuffed, Oliveira would try again but Abdurahimov's takedown defence was perfect.
SEAL veterans helped design and beta test the game, SEAL Heroes: Pirate Takedown, which is optimized for play on Apple's iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.
Galati Gear's 28-inch Takedown Rifle Case fits the break-down AR-15 and M16, SIG 556, the folding AK, MP5, SOCOM 16" Folders, takedown shotguns and other firearms similar in length.
Originally available only in a 60-inch version, Hunter's Niche is now offering its popular Predator three-piece takedown recurve in two new sizes--58 and 62 inches.