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Emergency medicine A technique of aggression management in which a patient is physically restrained by bringing him/her to a horizontal position
Surgery Reoperation of a colon with a colostomy to restore normal intestinal continuity by means of an anastomosis after a sigmoidectomy and terminal colostomy for bowel rest
Sports medicine The act of bringing a fighting opponent to the floor via tackle, sweep, Greco-throw, or other technique, typically involving the legs
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While the takedown was not due to the content of the posts, Facebook still tapped a third-party organization to analyze the data.
His takedown defense for the Alvarez fight, for the one or two times Alvarez did get him up against the cage, he couldn't get him down.
Due to their compact nature, takedown rifles have long been popular as "survival" guns because they can be neatly stored away until required.
Mr Tomasic is asking for a takedown, not correction.
Although this narrow view of the knowledge requirements under section 512(c) places a significant burden on rightsholders to continually monitor for infringement and send takedown notifications, the alternatives must have struck the court as just as unpalatable.
The posting of content by users who do not hold the copyright for it is perfectly legal, under the "notice and takedown" provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Now Mayor Anderson has handed Mr MacKenzie a staggering takedown over his latest piece.
With the acquisition of Maccabim, RiskIQ expands its threat mitigation technology, including dispute resolution proceedings and takedown functions, to expedite brand governance processes.
Because the notice and takedown procedure outlined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) proved ineffectual, on Sept.
Ruger's firm is a souped-up, lightweight, high-octane version of the excessively popular 10/22 Takedown. It is possibly the finest grouse and backcountry rimfire rifle there is.