Takayasu disease

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Ta·ka·ya·su ar·te·ri·tis

(tah-kah-yah'sū), [MIM*207600]
a progressive obliterative arteritis of unknown origin involving chronic inflammation of the aortic arch with fibrosis and marked luminal narrowing that affects the aorta and its branches, often with complete or near complete occlusion of segments of the aorta; more common in females.
See also: aortic arch syndrome.
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Takayasu disease

A disease rare except in Japan that affects young women causing an inflammation and narrowing of the major arteries of the upper part of the body. There is headache, faintness, muscle wasting and defective vision from diminished blood supply. The pulses in the upper limb can hardly be felt. Corticosteroids may help but the outlook is poor. Also known as pulseless disease or the aortic arch syndrome. (Michishige Takayasu, 1860–1938, Japanese ophthalmologist).
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Michishige, Japanese ophthalmologist, 1860-1938.
Takayasu disease - Synonym(s): Takayasu pulseless disease
Takayasu pulseless disease - obliterative arteritis, primarily of the carotid and subclavian arteries. Synonym(s): Takayasu disease; Takayasu syndrome
Takayasu syndrome - Synonym(s): Takayasu pulseless disease
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Takayasu disease involves the coronary arteries in 15% of patients, typically at the ostia in the aorta or in the proximal portions, and myocardial involvement takes the form of myocardial infarction.
(*ALCAPA = anomalous origin of the let coronary artery from the pulmonary artery.) Umbilical artery Doppler flow 1 Tuberculous pericarditis 1 Takayasu disease 1 Myocardial ischaemia 1 Left ventricular hypertrophy 1 Long QT syndrome 1 Left atrial enlargment 1 Intracardiac structures 1 Cardiac sarcoidosis 1 Congenital heart disease 1 ALCAPA* 1 Acute chest pain 1 Arteriovenous malformation 1 Peripartum cardiomyopathy 2 Thromboembolic ischaemic stroke 3 Heart failure 3 Coronary heart disease 4 Cardiac arrest 4 Arrhythmia 6 Blood pressure 7 Myocardial infarction 10 Blood 12 Nonspecific 15 Vascular disease 21 Valvular heart diseases 22
Cases of pericardial effusion in Takayasu disease reported in the literature Author, Year Sex/age, Clinical 2-D echocardiography years features Duclos F/21 Miscarriage 5th Left ventricular (1991) (1) month, fever dilatation and hypokinesia, lesions of the aortic and mitral valves Lee F/25 Fever, chill, chest Posterior pericardial (1998) (2) discomfort, dyspnea effusion; no II, acute intracardiac pericardial, no abnormalities pulse difference, no bruit, no carotid tenderness Narita F/40 Fever, fatigue, Massive pericardial (1999) (3) malaise and severe effusion and chest pain.