Shigeo, 20th-century Japanese otolaryngologist. See: Takahara disease.
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Camera (color, DV-to-35mm), Kazunari Tanaka; editor, Hidekazu Takahara; music, Kouji Endou; art director, Akira Ishige.
The current chief executive officer of Uni-Charm, Keiichiro Takahara, will serve as the head of the new joint venture.
TUNIS(TAP) - "Japan stands with Tunisia in this post-Revolution transition phase and will do everything in its power to provide it with needed support as it moves towards democracy and seeks to consolidate fair socio-economic development," Japan's new ambassador in Tunis Junichi Takahara said in a statement to TAP news agency.
Japan (4-4-2): Y Kawaguchi' A Kaji, T Miyamoto, Y Nakazawa, Alex' M Ogasawara, H Nakata, T Fukunishi (J Inamoto 45), S Nakamura' N Takahara (M Oguro 85), A Yanagisawa (K Tamada 61).
Kovac highlighted Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara, who has played his club football for SV Hamburg for the past three years, as the player to watch in the Zico-coached team.
According to the ruling, Nagai conspired with employee Daizo Fukushima to kill another employee, Akira Takahara, 69, and his wife Hiroko, 48, to collect insurance money.
Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara made his debut for Hamburg in their 2- 2 draw at Hannover but he had only one shot at goal.
Sumiko Takahara, former head of the Economic Planning Agency (EPA) and former Central League president, died Sunday from a malignant lymphatic tumor at a Tokyo hospital, her family said.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT: Nikolov' Ochs, Vasovski, Spycher, Huber (Fink 46), Kyrgiakos, Kohler (Russ 65), Meier, Huggel, Thurk, Takahara (Amanatidis 74).
JAPAN: Kawaguchi, Miyamoto, Kaji, Nakazawa, Alex, Ogasawara, Nakata, Nakamura, Inamoto, Takahara,