second sight

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sec·ond sight

improved near vision in the aged as a result of increased refractivity of the nucleus of the lens causing myopia.

second sight

1 an improvement in near vision that may develop in aging as a result of increasing refractivity of the lens nucleus related to development of a nuclear sclerotic cataract.
2 an early increase in the index of refraction of the lens, resulting in a decrease in hyperopia and an increase in myopia.
3 clairvoyance, precognition. See also senopia.


(sit) [AS. sihth]
1. The power or faculty of seeing.
2. Range of sight.
3. A thing or view seen. Synonym: vision; visual perception

blind sight

The ability to see that occurs in persons who are blind because of a brain lesion rather than damage to the eye. It is manifested by their being able to reach for and track an object. These individuals apparently do not know they can see.

day sight

Night blindness.

far sight


near sight


night sight

Day blindness.

old sight


second sight


sight, second 

Improvement of near vision in the elderly resulting from increased refraction of the nucleus of the crystalline lens. It often occurs in people with incipient cataract. Syn. gerontopia; senile lenticular myopia.