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pain in the coccyx and neighboring region. Called also coccyalgia and coccydynia.


Pain in the coccygeal region.
[coccyx + G. ōdyne, pain]


Pain in the coccygeal region.
Synonym(s): coccyalgia, coccydynia, coccyodynia.
[coccyx + G. odynē, pain]


Persistent pain in the tail region of the spine, usually following a fracture of the small bones of the coccyx from a fall or a kick.


Also called coccygodynia. Pain in or around the coccyx.
Mentioned in: Coccyx Injuries
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Vincent says if there is muscle tension or spasm of the pelvic floor muscles, some individuals may experience tailbone pain.
Patients typically present complaining of "tailbone pain." The pain will usually be worse with prolonged sitting, leaning back while seated, prolonged standing, and rising from a seated position.
Over the last few months, I've begun to have tailbone pain, particularly after running (and rarely during).
Often a lower back or sciatic issue will yield symptoms like this, including the hamstring pain manifesting after inactivity, and of course the recent tailbone pain. As noted above, anti-inflammatories address the symptom, not the problem.
ALTHOUGH it can happen to anybody, anytime, people with a tendency to slouch over chairs or those who regularly sit on hard surfaces for long hours have a higher chance of developing this tailbone pain.
Also, over the last few months, I've started to have tailbone pain, sometimes manifesting as a tightness, particularly after I run.