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A ketohexose; d-tagatose is epimeric with d-fructose.
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There are some indications that tagatose can also function as a flavor enhancer in a variety of food products.
Biochemical tests were performed to determine the ability of these microbial strains to metabolize varied carbon sources such as Carbohydrates (Adonitol, Arabitol, Cellobiose, Glucose, Maltose, Mannitol, Mannose, Palatinose, Sucrose, Tagatose, Trehalose); Carbohydrates derivatives (Sorbitol, Citrate); Lipids (Lipases) & nitrogenous wastes such as urea (Urease-producing).
Solasta[R] Astaxanthin, AllSweet[R] Allulose Low-Calorie Sugar, AllSweet[R] Tagatose Reduced-Calorie Sugar, Organic Brown Rice Protein, AroniaPURE[TM] Aronia Fbwder, Ceramide-PCD[TM] Gluten Free Rice Ceramides, Organic MoisturLok[R] Humectant, EnergySmart[R] Soluble Carbohydrate Complex, BotaniSure[TM] Premium Botanical Extracts
Low Intensity Sweeteners Market by Type (Xylitol, Tagatose, Allulose, Trehalose, & Isomaltuolose), Application, & by Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020
Based on Type, market is segregated into Natural Sweeteners, Artificial Sweeteners and others (sorbitol, Tagatose, Luo Han Guo, Thaumatin, Monatin, Glycyrrhizin and Xylitol).
Sugar Substitute Market - By Types (HFS, HIS & LIS), Subtypes (Stevia, Sorbitol, Tagatose, Aspartame, Saccharine, Sucralose, Xylitol & Others) & Applications (Healthcare & Personal Care, Beverage & Food) - Global Trends, Forecasts to 2018
Under the MOU, ChromaDex has agreed to work with Spherix to evaluate the supply chain and optimise a more efficient scalable process for the production of tagatose.
This edition has 40 new monographs that include currently used coprocessed excipients and new monographs for glycine, hydroxypropyl betadex, methionine, neotame, pentetic acid, and tagatose.
Arla, the Denmark-based and Scandinavia's biggest dairy foods group, recognised the potential in developing functional food products for a global marketplace when it brought the sweetener Gaio Tagatose to the market in 2003.
None fermented L-xilose, D-adonitol, inuline, starch, glucogen, xilitol, D-lixose, tagatose, fucose, L-arabitol, potasic 2-cetogluconate, potasic 5-cetogluconate.
Tagatose taken before the consumption of glucose produced a blunting effect on the otherwise normally expected rise in blood glucose.
Ingredients in Shugr include tagatose, which comes from dairy products and provides prebiotic fiber that is said to promote intestinal health much the way yogurt does.