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A portmanteau of tae kwon do and boxing, developed as a system of muscle exercises and aerobics appropriated from martial arts, combining boxing, karate, and a panoply of fitness movements choreographed to music
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Billy Banks invented the tae kwon do and boxing hybrid, TaeBo.
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Blanks' TaeBo series has brought nearly a half-billion dollars of revenue into Wal-Mart alone.
* TaeBo Power Diet, an ephedra-free supplement from Windmill Health Products that features TaeBo workout creator Billy Blanks as its celebrity spokesman.
The company's new product is TaeBo Power Diet, which a spokesman says burns body fat, minimizes food cravings and energizes without ephedra.
Other events in that decade are still fresh in our minds so our reminiscing can probably be done with a short phrase or even a single word, such as: the World Wide Web, feng shui, beanie babies, cell phones, taebo, body piercing, the ADA, David Letterman's list, "Will & Grace," "South Park," "Seinfeld," "Dances With Wolves," "Titantic," CDs, e-mail, the Hubble telescope, Waco, Oklahoma City, Desert Storm, Princess Di and Nelson Mandela.
The flurry of fall continued as TAEBO announced the grand opening of its first TAEBO Training Center in Canton, Ohio.
VIDEO: Billy Blanks' Taebo Gold COST: Around pounds 12.99 WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Feel thrilling at 30, fabulous at forty, fantastic at fifty and sensational at sixty with Taebo Gold.
Beverley has occupied a wide range of administrative roles with Spies Hecker over a 19 year period and when not studying enjoys the martial art of Taebo and keeping fit at the gym.
The youth leaders, who came from the different areas in the province, learned leadership methods from the series of lectures, small group discussions, taebo exercise, campfire, cultural night, and team-building activities.
For Navotas residents who love to do aerobics and taebo, the Centennial Park along C-4 Road in Bagumbayan North would be the place to sweat it out.
Led by volunteer instructors, the group conducts fitness sessions on aerobics, zumba, taebo, hip hop and pop dance.