Tae Bo

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A portmanteau of tae kwon do and boxing, developed as a system of muscle exercises and aerobics appropriated from martial arts, combining boxing, karate, and a panoply of fitness movements choreographed to music
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EXERCISE Experts say the trick is to find a workout you love, but having just one routine gets monotonous (how many times have you seen that Tae Bo DVD?).
Why not try a kickboxing or Tae Bo class instead of the usual step or aerobics?
VIPs, journalists, members of the Jordanian Basketball team and a long list of Jordanian athletes were invited to Al Wakalat Street in front of the new NIKE store.Crowds gathered to watch Elie Attieh and Patsy, professional and renowned Lebanese sports instructors flown in for the occasion, as they demonstrated live Tae Bo and Hip Hop classes.
In collaboration with Blanks, who is described as a "Tae Bo creator, actor, author and humanitarian," Rite Aid offered exclusive free tips and information on cardiac health, including exercises developed by Blanks.
It also includes a set of Amped Moves developed by Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks specifically for Rite Aid customers.
Boxing classes and Tae Bo which have become a craze in some parts of the country.
Rivera and Simms traded some nasty barbs yesterday, but they were tame compared to the exchange between Tae Bo fitness guru Billy Blanks, who has been helping trim the ample fat off Toney since his disputed 12-round loss to Peter four months ago, and Stacey McKinley, an ex-fighter who is part of Peter's training entourage.
HMC Santy Shirley leads crew members in Tae Bo exercises aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19).
Some schools are moving away from traditional competitive games for girls and introducing aerobics, dance and even activities such as pilates and tae bo.
Other copyrighted names include Spinning, Flexxation and Tae Bo. If you plan to take your idea into a video/book/TV program concept, it pays to do a trademark search.