Tadpole Cell

An uncommon epithelial cell seen in pap smears of squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix. Tadpole cells are elongated and club-shaped with a broad end that tapers to a narrow end, and have an eccentric, rounded hyperchromatic nucleus or nuclei within often keratinised cytoplasm; similar cells are described rarely in multiple myeloma.
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Binucleate cells and tadpole cells were also observed.
Sir John cloned a frog from tadpole cells in a technique that eventually gave rise to first cloned mammal Dolly the sheep.
If you create the right electrical conditions in tadpole cells, they will develop into frog eyes, no matter where on the body those cells are, as Tina Hesman Saey reports (Page 5).
We used cultured Xenopus tadpole cells (XTC-2 cells) to investigate the activation of ERK by oxidative or bacterial stress, two environmental factors that could contribute to pollution in aquatic systems.
In this study, we investigated MAP kinase (ERK) activation in Senopus tadpole cells (XTC-2).
Gurdon of the University of Oxford in England showed that nuclear transplants from tadpole cells could produce fertile adult frogs.