Halstead-Reitan battery

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Hal·stead-Rei·tan bat·ter·y

(hahl'sted rī'tan),
a battery of neuropsychological tests (category test, tactual performance test, Seashore test, speech sounds perception test, finger oscillation test, trail-making test, dynamometer to measure strength of grip) used to study brain-behavior functions as well as the effects of brain damage on behavior.
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Ward C., U.S. psychologist, 1908-1968.
Halstead-Reitan battery - a battery of neuropsychological tests used to study brain-behavior functions. Synonym(s): Tactual Performance Test


Ralph M., U.S. psychologist, 1922–.
Halstead-Reitan battery - see under Halstead
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Thus, several tests have a strong working memory component (e.g., HRNTB; Tactual Performance Test, Tactile Shapes, Bead Memory Tests, Finger and Letter Counting, Gibson's Active and Passive Touch) and this kind of memory is known to be an important characteristic of many fluid intelligence measures.
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