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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand, Belgian physicist, 1801-1883. See: Plateau-Talbot law.


A flat elevated segment of a graphic record.


1. An elevated and usually flat area; a steady and consistent fever appears as a plateau on the patient's chart of vital signs.
2. The stage in training or skill acquisition when progress occurs at a very slow or flat rate in comparison with earlier phases.

ventricular plateau

The flat portion of the record of intraventricular pressure during the end of the ejection phase of ventricular systole.
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Downslope movements of angular rubble have been common over time along the talus slopes of the north side of the Tablelands, but most steep slopes covered by coarse rubble show little sign of movement of loose rocks during past decades.
Alford AR, Griffith GR, Davies BL (2003) Livestock farming systems in the northern tablelands of NSW: an economic analysis.
A second, higher cliff represents the overlying basalt lavas, above which lies the low-relief surface of the tablelands.
In Northern Tablelands, Harrold's Deputy, Richard Torbay, resigned from Labor and, well in advance of the 1999 election, began campaigning as an Independent; a campaign that the Nationals alleged was mentored by Labor's Eddie Obeid.
It's a masterpiece of glacial landscaping and for viewing the Tablelands from the water.
These parent materials are common across the Northern Tablelands of NSW and represent 3 of the largest soil units that have been selected for soil condition monitoring.
Member of the project team and co-manager of the Tablelands Community Revegetation Unit, Kylie Freebody, says the project showed that monitoring needs to continue beyond the establishment phase.
Why did this headstrong, attractive, fun-loving young woman shoulder the responsibilities of building, staffing and administering a community hospital on the remote Atherton Tablelands for over 30 years?
Each year, new species of plant and animal, as well as entire new cave systems, are discovered on remote parts of the summit, and on the 100 or so neighbouring tablelands across the Guiana Highlands.
It explores women's history outside the traditional version of settlement, home, family and community, presents an emotive account of the experience of the women occupying the tablelands of New England through the themes of Delight, Promise and Despair, to offer a poignant glimpse into the daily existence of these women.
Boorowa is in the tablelands 2 hours north of Canberra, 321 km south-west of Sydney serving a (shire) population of 2,450.