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a chemical element, atomic number 90, atomic weight 232.038, symbol Th. (See Appendix 6.)
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1. Abbreviation for T-helper cells , under cell.
2. Symbol for thorium.
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A gene on chromosome 11p15.5 that encodes tyrosine hydroxylase, which plays a key role in adrenergic system physiology (e.g., catecholamine and dopamine synthesis).

Molecular pathology
Defects in TH cause Segawa syndrome autosomal recessive.
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Symbol for thorium.


Abbreviation for T-helper cells.
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Q. I received a corticosteroid injection in my left knne th A.M. Knee is all stiff & swollen. Is this normal?

A. actually you might have already had an arthritis in your knee before, then your doctor injected you with a corticosteroid into the affected joint. usually you will feel better (less pain) in your affected joint. if the symptoms don't improve then I suggest you to go see your specialist for further advise and treatment.

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Testing site Meixian Xi'an Lintong Huaxian Hengshuihe Abbreviation MX XA LT HX HSH Testing site Heihe Laohe Juehe Tangyuhe Beiluohe Abbreviation HH LH JH TYH BLH
Looking Forwarded: Considering of the growing and changeable marketing of cosmetic-container, TYH is bring traditional design with innovative idea for custom request.
The first experimental stage included the following stock media preparations: (a) DMEM-F12 (Gibco; Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham, MA, USA), (b) G1-PLUS (Vitrolife), (c) G2-PLUS (Vitrolife), and (d) TYH medium (Table S1).
hWJ-MSCs (80% confluence) were cultured for 24 hours with each one of the following media types: (a) DMEM-F12, (b) G1-PLUS, (c) G2-PLUS, or (d) TYH. Thereafter, the media were collected and immediately used for COC IVM.
Coculture in TYH showed no significant differences with stock media conditions (Figure 1(d)).