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Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

A condition in monochorionic twins in which there is a connection between the two circulatory systems so that the donor twin pumps the blood to the recipient twin without a return of blood to the donor.
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TTTS is a rare condition that happens when twins share a placenta and abnormal blood vessel connections too form, preventing blood from flowing evenly between the fetuses.
Unequal blood volume exchange between monochorionic twins (donor-recipient) can result in (TTTS).
In December, therefore, HadGEM3-GC2 appears to generate too many TTTs and too much rainfall from TTTs.
Carried at out 21 weeks, it meant the twins made it to 29 weeks, at which point Danielle's consultant announced that TTTS had returned and an emergency caesarean was required.
Table 1 gives the aggregate link flows at biclass user equilibrium and total travel time (TTT) for auto and EV users.
Discordant growth is influenced by gestational age at delivery, actual birth weight, gender discordance, chorionicity, growth restriction, TTTS, and birth order.
gebelik haftasinda Quintero evre 1 TTTS tanisi ile klinigimize refere edilen, agir polihidramniyos nedeniyle maternal solunum sikintisi yasayan ve amniyoreduksiyon islemi sonrasi ablasyo plasenta gelisen olgumuzu sunduk.
Their Merlins were deployed in Afghanistan and the TTTs underwent an upgrade in 2014 with the introduction of electronic warfare equipment.
For the purpose of the current study, technical terms from MTC will be classified into three categories: translated technical terms (TTTs), expanded technical terms (EXTTs) and Arabicised technical terms (ATTs).
He was spared from making the decision - but heartbroken to lose both babies within a matter of hours due to rare condition TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome).
The sonographer had told Emma now 30, she was showing signs of twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) - a condition which affects identical twins who share a placenta and can be potentially fatal to both.