triceps skinfold

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triceps skinfold (TSF)

the thickness of a fold of skin around the triceps muscle. It is measured primarily to estimate the amount of subcutaneous fat.
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Triceps skinfold measurement
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Based on the model, if a TSF (tier 0 for indoor emissions) is used more than approximately 10 min/day (equivalent to 1 hr/week), daily mean concentrations will exceed the WHO interim 1 target for [PM.
Malcolm Foulis, managing director at TSF Retail Solutions, said: "The support and investment through FW Capital and Aldermore has allowed us to be bolder and more flexible in our future planning.
refurbishment and construction with the remainder on re-mining, TSF and
Instead - just like TSF describes - he played his way through the divisions after he was signed by nonleague Cambridge United in 2001.
TSF is the world leader for mobile device protocol development.
The TSF facility consists of two 24,000- square foot computer rooms enveloping tens of thousands of processors in hundreds of cabinets.
The Model TSF twin-screw feeder is designed for precise batching and weighing applications.
Porto officials were irritated by the amount of time Del Neri spent away from the club, according to the private TSF radio station and the A Bola newspaper's website.
Portuguese radio station TSF quoted police as saying there were signs five of those arrested "have links to a terrorist cell".
According to the National Highway Safety Administration's Center for Statistics and Analysis Report 2000 TSF Annual Report, 37,402 people were killed on the nation's highways and 2,070,000 injured.
Future TSF evaluation research should address the effectiveness of incorporating TSF interventions with cognitive-behavioral treatment methods, the relative impact of brief versus extended TSF interventions, and the cost-effectiveness and health care cost-offset of TSF interventions within managed health care systems.
Attorneys believe many businesses leasing Toyotas through TSF have lost trust in the world's largest automobile manufacturer after the company attempted to explain away serious safety issues with a wide range of excuses and then offered repairs that may not correct the problems.