TRH stimulation test

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thyrotropin releasing hormone.
TRH stimulation test (TRH test) thyrotropin-releasing hormone test.

TRH stimulation test, TRH test

abbreviation for thyrotropin-releasing hormone test. See thyrotropin-releasing hormone stimulation test.

TRH stimulation test

Thyrotropin releasing hormone stimulation test A clinical test used to determine the level in the endocrine system that is responsible for ↓ secretion of TSH by the hypophysis–pituitary gland
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Because peripheral markers may be variable, other diagnostic procedures such as TRH test and pituitary MRI should be used in establishing an accurate diagnosis.
In our patients with THR (case 1 and 3), TRH tests revealed that TSH level increased more than double.
The TRH test I performed showed unequivocal hypothyroidism.
When I saw him I did the TRH test and discovered his thyroid was low.
This group qualifies as a result of the TRH test for appropriate therapeutic intervention.