TRAP sequence

Twin:twin reverse arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence

A condition in which one fetus lacks a heart and the other fetus pumps the blood for both.
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Acardiac twin or TRAP sequence is a rare complication of monochorionic twin pregnancies.
Efficacy of radiofrequency ablation for TRAP sequence.
Several different techniques have been used to treat TRAP sequence by interrupting the connection between the acardiac twin and the pump twin to increase the chances that the pump twin will survive.
Utilizing RFA to treat TRAP sequence has been shown to be extremely effective.
INTRODUCTION: TRAP sequence is known as acardius or "chorioangiopagus parasiticus".
We report a case of primigravida with TRAP sequence.
The aim to present the case is to highlight TRAP sequence and emphasize its clinical presentation and management.
Parents were counselled about the possibility of TRAP sequence and prognosis of the surviving twin was explained.
Several theories had been postulated to explain TRAP sequence.
5) Color Doppler confirms TRAP sequence by showing reversal in the flow direction in umbilical artery of perfused twin, smaller resistive index (<0.
CONCLUSION: TRAP sequence although rare should be suspected in all monochorionic pregnancies.
First-trimester findings associated with trap sequence.