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total quality management

Managed care The application of the management theory of quality, a concept that focuses on product quality as a means of ↑ sales and saving money. See Continuous quality improvement, Quality control.
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Tharmarajah [32] examined the effect of TQM implementation to increase the competiveness of airline industry.
Obstacles in Implementing TQM. This section identifies the obstacles involved in TQM implementation.
The Quarter Method (TQM), Inc., offers sales training and business correction services to businesses worldwide.
Generally, we are using TQM as a philosophy and a set of guiding principles.
Dr Rashid's book, "Role Of Organisational Culture In TQM Success: Impact of organisational culture on TQM implementation barriers" is available on www.amazon.com.
Despite the prosperity of TQM concept in many industries that achieved higher quality levels, the quality construction in many parts of the world suffers from problems such as works defects, time, and cost overrun.
For the TQM philosophy to be implemented in the armed forces, a long-term focus on improving the processes, which are already in place, is needed.
The paper addresses benchmarking the conventional human resource practices and TQM based human resource management practices.
get disillusioned with TQM when short-term improvements did not materialize given that TQM
Results on the ability of TQM to improve organizational performance have been conflicting, with some studies showing that TQM increases performance as far as productivity and profitability ((Arumugan, Mojtahedzadeh, & Malarvizhi, 2011; Kaynak, 2005), while others suggesting that there is no link between TQM principles and organizational performance (Miller, 1995).
In the context of manufacturing firms, knowledge is a key factor of success, and where TQM and KM co-exist, it is expected to increase firm performance.