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Friday's attack was to avenge the killing of 10 Maoist leaders in neighbouring Chatra district by TPC cadres last year, police sources said.
A price of USD40 per share would give TPC an enterprise valuation of roughly seven times its estimated EBITDA of USD126m for the year.
En la actualidad, la literatura sugiere, ademas de la cantidad de tiempo empleado en la realizacion de las TPC, otras variables de naturaleza motivacional como mas capaces de explicar la compleja, y aun poco conocida, relacion entre las TPC y el exito academico de los alumnos (por ejemplo, Dettmers et al.
However, LBB has immediate plans to expand and diversify the business of the TPC Group to produce processes liquid eggs which will supply the cake confectionery manufacturing operations of LBB.
TPC is headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and has a network of 54 offices in 22 provinces.
SQL Server 2000 continues to demonstrate the ability to perform at the top of TPC scalability benchmarks," said Gordon Mangione, vice president of SQL Server at Microsoft Corp.