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Toxoplasma, other, rubella, CMV, HS, syphilis Pediatrics An acronym for a group of in utero infections that may induce major fetal malformations and cause prominent and permanent neurologic defects–eg, seizures, hydrocephalus or microcephaly
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Then the torch flared out, but Umslopogaas took hold of her in the darkness and pressed her to him and kissed her, the sister whom he found after many years, and she kissed him.
Here in the cave were none but the dead, and, tossed hither and thither in their last sleep, they looked awful in the glare of the torches.
"Things do not all happen in the same way," answered Don Quixote; "it all came, Sir Bachelor Alonzo Lopez, of your going, as you did, by night, dressed in those surplices, with lighted torches, praying, covered with mourning, so that naturally you looked like something evil and of the other world; and so I could not avoid doing my duty in attacking you, and I should have attacked you even had I known positively that you were the very devils of hell, for such I certainly believed and took you to be."
It was evident that for countless ages radium torches had been applied to this pinhole, and for what purpose there could be but a single answer--the mechanism of the lock was actuated by light rays; and I, John Carter, Prince of Helium, held the combination in my hand--scratched by the hand of my enemy upon his own torch case.
We had spoken scarcely a dozen words since I had felled Tan Gama at the cell door and seen in the torch's light the expression of utter bewilderment upon the great Thark's face.
"Let them," said Raffles, and brandished his electric torch, our only light as yet.
Then a torch was brought, and the wood, heavily soaked with oil, instantly took fire.
So saying, he entered the cabin allotted to him, and taking the torch from the domestic's hand, thanked him, and wished him good-night.
Hold your torch this way--a little farther off--so.
"Give us a light," said the other bearer, "or I shall never find what I am looking for." The man with the torch complied, although not asked in the most polite terms.
"As it is so," said Monk, "and we must have a light, a lantern, a torch, or something by which we may see where to set our feet, let us seek this light."
He shouted Borckman to come aft and haul in the whaleboat, while he hurried below for his electric torch and a boat compass.