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In the evening, when she had washed up and was ready, she felt in her pocket and found the three nuts which the old toad had given her.
what am I coming to?' and peeped through the window; but she saw nothing inside except big and little toads, and a table beautifully spread with roast meats and wine, and all the dishes and drinking-cups were of silver.
The toads were all freed, and were beautiful King's children, running about for joy.
The speckled skin under the toad's mouth mysteriously wrinkled itself, then slowly expanded again, as if he had swallowed the words just addressed to him.
All the Subjects died but this quiet little fellow -- this nice little toad. Are you surprised at my liking him?
Lecount rose, bent fondly over the Aquarium, and chirruped to the toad at parting as if it had been a bird.
Thanks to Hilda - and nature - Paisley's toad population was set to soar.
The warty lumps behind a toad's alluring, amber eyes secrete a toxic substance that helps to deter predators.
The surveys found thatdespite smaller body sizes, the Luzon wart frog consumed the same total mass of prey as the cane toad and that pests made up the largest proportion of its total diet.
These glands produce whitish secretions of steroidal chemicals that can cause illness to small mammals that try to chew on a toad.
Tour de Toad 2019 offers 3 routes for cyclists of all ages and experience levels: a 10-mile family route, a 20-mile intermediate route, and a 40-mile "Feels Like a Half-Century" advanced route.
Spokeswoman Kari McSherry said: "Even just one hour of your evening can make a huge difference for the future of our toad population."