TNM staging system

TNM staging system, stands for tumor
metastasis, a recognized method used to identify and predict the course of disease of a patient diagnosed with cancer.
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Construction of the Chinese University Prognostic Index for hepatocellular carcinoma and comparison with the TNM staging system, the Okuda staging system, and the Cancer of the Liver Italian Program staging system: A study based on 926 patients.
Fuhrman nuclear grading system was used for RCC, while TNM staging system was applied for assessing the extent of spread4,5.
Tsuchiya et al (37) thought that a pathologic TNM staging system would be applicable to thymic carcinomas and thymic carcinoid tumors but not to thymomas, as Yamakawa et al (36) had suggested, and proposed a modification to the TNM staging system in 1994 (Table 6).
Distribution of retinoblastoma according to TNM Staging system is shown in Table-I.
Finally, the TNM staging system was used to analyze the survival data.
In its seventh edition of the TNM Staging System published in 2010, the American Joint Committee on Cancer started incorporating mitotic rate to substage T1 melanomas, according to Dr.
The current clinical routine to guide treatment for NSCLC patients is primarily based on the TNM staging system founded in 1958, mainly to look at surgical operability.
This edition has more multiplanar, computed tomography angiographic (CTA), magnetic resonance imaging, and 3D imaging; 40 new cases and updated images; a new post-thoracotomy chest section; the new TNM staging system for lung cancer; discussion of the new classification system of mediastinal lymph nodes, adenocarcinoma and bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma, and thymoma; discussion of univentricular and biventricular or end-stage heart failure, including various ventricular assist devices and the Total Artificial Heart, their imaging features, and complications; inclusion of an approach to high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) interpretation; more CT in the pulmonary infections section; and discussion of H1N1 infection and parasitic diseases.
The TNM staging system is also known as the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) system.
Stage assessment was made according to the criteria of the 6th edition TNM staging system established by the American Joint Committee on Cancer.