Information Fatigue Syndrome

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The exhaustion and stress caused by information overload
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It is reassuring to note that Eastman Kodak (Rochester, NY), in an independent effort, collected and analyzed high-speed photographic film located in the area during the TMI releases (15).
An upgrading of TMI s ratings is unlikely in the near term.
Barak Zeichner of Fortress distributor TMI Barak, comments: "Papouchado was first established as a family business in Greece 110 years ago and, until the installation of the Fortress metal detector, they had no other means of inspection, other than the human eye.
Our intention now is to grow the business in the UK and internationally, broadening the product and opportunity base of TMI.
The researchers split the TMI group in half based on these scores; subjects in the upper half reported more physical complaints, problems with interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, suspicion and alienation than those in the lower half.