Fish Odour Syndrome

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A rare autosomal recessive condition [MIM 136131] characterised by an accumulation of trimethylamine (CH33N), which is released in the person’s sweat, urine, and breath, giving off a strong body odour, which often has a fishy smell
Management Choline, lecithin-free diet
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References in periodicals archive ? what is tmau? THE condition is a metabolic disorder in which the body loses the ability to properly break down the trimethylamine found in certain foods.
TMAU expert Professor Elizabeth Shephard from University College London explains: "Living with the disorder is challenging and can have serious psychological and social consequences.
Reading up about TMAU, Cheryl discovered that sufferers should avoid certain foods.
She brought literature on TMAU and she kept her wits about her when answering questions like, "Are you going to die?" and "will we catch it?" To this day I am still proud of Ashley and astonished at her personal courage and inner strength, despite my later regrets and guilt caused by increased teasing.
She wrote to many colleges and universities asking for available information on TMAU. Ashley received calls and letters from caring people all over the world, each one providing pieces of the puzzle that Ashley needed to change her lifestyle.