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1. A point; a more or less sharp extremity.
2. A separate, but attached, piece of the same or another structure, forming the extremity of a part.
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Abbreviation for:
Telemedicine Instrumentation Pack
terminal interphalangeal
translation-inhibiting protein
Trust Implementation Plan
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1. A point; a more or less sharp extremity.
2. A separate, but attached, piece of the same or another structure, forming the extremity of a part.
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1. Point, more or less sharp.
2. Pointed third of the working end of an explorer, probe, or sickle scaler.
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Patient discussion about tip

Q. Any tips for coping with fibromyalgia?

A. I agree with the fact getting a better understanding helps but for me coping is finding support, someone you can talk to that is understanding. Accepting the fact you have limits...you can't do all the things you use to in the same way. REST...nap durning the day if possible so many people say this interfers with your sleep at night BUT for 2 years I wouldn't lie down and rest b/c I slept so poorly at night latey I have found resting if even 30 minutes helps me make it through my day. My medications help so talk to your doctor and I also if I can't nap durning the day sit and read to give my body a break b/c somedays it is so hard to move! 20 minute walks, warm baths, and herbal tea to help me relax and try to get as much sleep as possible at night. Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Q. Could any of you give me some tips? hi……..after my breast cancer surgery, I was given Arimidex, which I used for 5 months and I found my bones getting weak. I was not able to stand and it was a shock that I am diagnosed with osteoporosis now…. Still I am not out from the pain of cancer and now this…..what’s happening to me ….Could any of you give me some tips?

A. "A lack of estrogen in post-menopausal women prevents the absorption and utilization of calcium and is the single most important factor in the development of osteoporosis in older women."
"Let's Live" magazine (February 1989), Dr. David Steenblock

and because Arimidex lowering the estrogen level even more- it has even bigger effect. so you developed osteoporosis.

Q. Are there any tips for my son with ADHD. My 8 years old son is with ADHD and it is hectic to make him study or carry out the assignments. At times I used to feel why should he study? He finds it difficult to study. He always takes shelter under nonstop excuses almost typed in his mind and I have tried to convince him with chocolates and pizzas but that cannot be the permanent solution to his problem. Are there any tips for my son with ADHD.

A. you could try special services that provide individualized education programs in public schools. it is given free of charge (if he is found eligible...). here is a link talking about those program: http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/learning/iep.html

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The TIPPs program includes nutritional consultations and food demonstrations to model healthy eating, and also focuses on self-esteem issues.
carried to a patrol car by deputies, including Tipps. During the trip
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Because many subprime lenders are securitizing their own products, Tipps says they have the ability to slide farther down the credit path than Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac--although there is some talk making the rounds of industry trade shows that the GSEs are securitizing their subprime loans as well.
"I think the myth of the football superstar has been exploded," says Tipps' towering midfielder Derry Foley.
AAU Bill Tipps Route 6, Box 6019-1 Tullahoma, TN 37388
With no significant party infrastructure in place, California Democrats' turnout hopes rest with their Get Out the Vote (GOTV) "coordinated campaign," which Los Angeles-based Democratic political consultant Parke Skelton calls a "double misnomer." Labor leader Dean Tipps, head of the statewide Service Employees Council, is even more blunt: "Historically there is no effective GOTV effort here, and this year the voters' turnout campaign is woefully underfunded.
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