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TGF-beta inhibitory element
Theatre in Education 
transient ischaemic episode
translation inhibitory element
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Q. can you get pregnant with your tubes tied if your tubes are tied can you get pregnant

A. you can but the chances are slim to none,plus if you do you can sue the doctors, 99% no,

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On the pile of railroad ties on the summer eve- ning, he waited expectantly.
Wash Williams and George Willard arose from the pile of railroad ties and walked along the tracks toward town.
Nylon cable tie is a type of fastener most made of nylon resin for holding items together.
[USPRwire, Sun Aug 18 2019] A railroad tie is rectangular block of support used in the railways for rail tracks.
[ClickPress, Thu Aug 01 2019] Automotive tie rods are the integral part of vehicle steering mechanism.
(tie) Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge
'Yes, I confirm that the four-member Davis Cup Committee, constituted by ITF for Pakistan's Davis Cup tie against India is arriving on Monday to inspect arrangements taken by us,' Muhammad Khalid Rehmani, special vice president of PTF told reporter.
Fold the kerchief into a broad strip and tie it behind your head.
According to information received here, Ahtesham lost the first match against Shajeed in straight sets, but Haider played well to level the tie by beating Nadam in an exciting match.
A tie both in life and politics reveals your lifestyle and political career.
A tie has the effect of foreclosure if it restricts the opportunities available to competitors, frequently in the tied product.
A third prefer jeans and only 12 per cent regularly wear a tie to work.