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 (Hz) [herts]
the SI unit of frequency, equal to one cycle per second.
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Heinrich R., German physicist, 1857-1894. See: hertz, hertzian experiments.

hertz (Hz),

A unit of measure of frequency equivalent to 1 cycle/sec; this term should not be used for radial (circular) frequency or for angular velocity, in which cases the term sec-1 should be used.
[H.R. Hertz]
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The standard SI (International System) unit of frequency, which is equal to 1 cycle/second.
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(Hz) (hĕrts)
A unit of sound or alternating current frequency, 1 Hz is equivalent to 1 cycle per second.
[H.R. Hertz]
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hertz (Hz)

the SI UNIT of frequency measuring cycles per second.
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Heinrich R., German physicist, 1857-1894.
hertz - a unit of frequency equivalent to 1 cycle per second.
hertzian experiments - experiments demonstrating that electromagnetic induction is propagated in waves analogous to waves of light but not affecting the retina.
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A unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. Symbol: Hz.
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In this paper, we investigate the communications between GNAs within a GWiNoC environment at THz frequency band.
The large refractive index of the analogue tiles leads to a large front surface reflection at normal incidence through air at THz frequencies.
THz frequency generation using Gaussian pulse for medical applications.
Six original MTM unit cells (OE1-OE6) and their complements (CE1-CE6) which are planar electric split ring resonator (eSRR) MTMs and their corresponding inverse structures [4] have been designed, modeled, and characterized as shown in Figure 3(a), which are resonant at THz frequencies.
The original resonance frequency of the bowtie antenna is optimized to be 2 THz. Figures 7(a)-(d) show the return loss of the antenna system (including the bowtie antenna and graphene-based AMC ground plane) at different [[micro].sub.c].
Addition of 10 mg/kg BW of ferulic acid can reduce the use of THZ or metformin and at the same time reduce the blood glucose levels to values less than those observed with OHDs when used alone (reduction in THZ dose from 10 mg/kg to 2.5 mg/kg BW and metformin close from 50 mg/kg to 12.5 mg/kg BW: and reduction in blood glucose level from 127-139 to 112-114 mg/d1).
3(a), similar to the previous designed novel dual-band structure [20], the real part of chiral parameter Re([kappa]) curve also exhibits four resonances; the first couple is 4.8 THz and 5.6 THz, and the second one is 7.9 THz and 8.2 THz.
In preparation for measuring material parameters, we first measured a THz pulse reflected from 24-ply woven glass epoxy GFRP composites.
Experimental aspects regarding THz radiation are under investigation.
Korter's new research combines THz experiments with new computational models that accurately account for the effects of the London dispersion forces to predict crystal structures of various substances.
The devices that generate and detect pulsed THz radiation were connected via fibre optics through a flexible umbilical to the TPI core unit (Figure 2) and housed inside a hermetically sealed head.